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How do you discover
yourself after heartbreak?

Loving Dangerously Journey to Nepal

Journey to Nepal. Travel with a young artist on her true adventures in the 70s—a time of free love, drugs, the peace movement, and an explosive art scene as she searches for meaning in her own life. After heartbreak at home, she wins a scholarship to England and journeys across Europe to Nepal, with her sense of humor and sketchbook at her side. At first she follows her English boyfriend, then treks alone through the Himalaya foothills. She meets a Patron of the Arts, the head Lama, a Gurkha warrior, and faces risky situations in search of what she ultimately learns means most to her. Journey with her as she discovers real life is rich with characters doing extraordinary things every day.

“Lynda Cain Hubbard tells a fascinating true story of self-discovery and maturation on her travels through Nepal. Accompanied by an ever-present sketchpad and enthusiasm born of youth, the reader fears for her safety as she encounters frightening people and situations, and smiles as she grows in understanding. It is an exciting read!”
Lee A. Jackman, author Becoming Lee-a memoir, 2014

Loving Dangerously: Journey to Nepal. A Story of Adventure and Risk, is Lynda Cain Hubbard’s memoir of her journey-turned-spiritual awakening. If you are searching for something, for answers, for peace, for a way to move on with life while never leaving behind lessons hard learned, then Loving Dangerously can become a guide book on how to do it with grace, a love for humanity, and a grand sense of adventure that will never leave you.—an inspiring story for readers of all ages.

I Couldn't Put It Down

“Easy to read, flowing style with a sense of humor. Her perspective of what she was thinking and what motivated her along the way made me see the personal dangers she faced and how she resolved things in a new light. It kept my interest throughout the book and I couldn’t put it down.”
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Find Yourself While Adventuring Through Nepal!

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How can a lone young woman survive the trip to Nepal?

A True Story

Find out about her frightening incidents, escaping characters along the way and betrayed by friends, and how she overcame and handled them. A true story where the heroine manages to find the best in sticky situations (with none of the comforts of home!)

What would you do for love?

Take an adventure!

Find out one young woman’s adventurous trek to find a lost love and also the courage to go forward.

What do Lamas think about dreams?

Learn Along the Way

Travel to Nepal to learn the three states of dreaming and meanings for each stage.
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The Characters Made Me Want to Join Them

“This book gripped me and kept me moving through all the places she traveled. I liked the way the author reveals the secrets of life she discovers despite hard times, along with a few surprises. The characters made me want to join them in their trek and she described situations and realizations in this memoire that I have not thought about before. Very enlightening as well as entertaining.”
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A Note From The Author

Lynda Cain Hubbard Journey to NepalThis is a memoir as well as an adventure story. There is also a love story within and throughout it as well as true characters you would never meet otherwise, that create the emotional highs and lows throughout the book.

As an artist in the late 70’s it’s my voyage in time and space, as well as a journey of realizations, on my search for lost love and real answers to life. From Canada to Europe and then on to Asia and the magic of the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal—there is a sense of humor running throughout the book, even during frightening times, with the many characters I met along the way. They range from an Oxford English boyfriend to a Guerka warrior, from the head Llama of Nepal to a European Patron of the arts, from the Silversmith to the Sherpa guide delivering medicine to health posts high up in the foothills.

Taking place over six months to a year— This is a true story, with my own photographs, paintings, special items made for me pictured, all backing up this exciting trip half way around the world searching for the answers to Life and the ultimate connection beyond things physical.